Do You Want to Work in International Markets?

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Job Market Advice & Guidance

Do you want to work abroad?

We provide a comprehensive and detailed tailor made package for candidates who want to succeed in getting good job opportunities in the international markets, especially in the middle east countries like Dubai (UAE).

This is a one-to-one guidance package by one of our senior level consultants who will engage with you, understand your requirements and your profile in detail and then guide you to a path which can give you the highest possibility of success in the international market.

Our package will offer you several advantages.

    • Help clarify your career goals and identify suitable career paths.
    • Offer insights into market trends and in-demand skills and growth industries to target.
    • Support taking informed career decisions rather than base them on gossip or social media.
    • Provide guidance on job search strategies for result-oriented job hunting.
    • Learn effective use of online job boards, professional networking platforms, and social media.
    • You can get personalized alternative job search methods and get tips for maximizing job search effectiveness.
    • Understand how to improve your CV and LinkedIn presence.
    • Interview preparation and communication strategies.
    • Tips for personal branding

Our fees for this service depends on the details of support you would like to get from us and our package will be customized as per your requirements.

If you are interested in this package please contact us at via email and mention your requirements along with your contact details and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.


With us you gain a trusted advisor and a dedicated partner who will invest the time effort to truly understand your business objectives and recruitment needs. We strive to become an extension of your HR team, continuously supporting your talent acquisition goals as your organization grows.