Recruitment Expertise For Your Business

Q1. As an employer what is the best way to get in touch with Chase & Hunt Associates for a quick and efficient response?

Please send us a brief email at and briefly mention your current requirements. We will get in touch with you quickly.

Q2. Can Chase & Hunt Associates help me if I have some very urgent recruitment requirements and the time available is less?

Yes we can cater to all your recruitment requirements and provide you priority services based on your needs. We have a wide network of recruitment consultants and associates who can find the best talent even with short timelines.

Q3. Why should I consider engaging the services of Chase & Hunt Associates for my recruitment needs?

We provide a comprehensive solution for all your recruitment needs and pride ourselves in providing international quality with reasonable recruitment fees. We understand the market well and have a wide network which can cater to most complex recruitment mandates.

Q4. Do you charge any fees to your candidates for placing them and helping them get suitable jobs?

No we don't charge any fees to any of the job seekers for recruitment.

Q5. I have an internal recruitment team within my company, should I still consider hiring the services of Chase & Hunt Associates?

We can offer you a solution to your most complex recruitment needs in a cost effective manner. You can outsource your complete recruitment requirements to us and we can deliver quality to you even with short deadlines. We specialize in headhunting and can source candidates from selected companies or competitors which may be difficult otherwise. We work as your recruitment partner and let you save time, effort and cost by blending in with your existing HR infrastructure.

Q6. Can you provide us with a solution for bulk recruiting of staff from various countries?

Yes we have a wide network of associate companies in selected countries and can help you source and select staff in bulk as per your requirements. We can also help in documentation and processing large volume of applicants and filtering the right quality for your organisation. Please write to us and let us know your requirements and we will get in touch with you with the solution.

Q7.  Does Chase & Hunt Associates handle senior management and C- Suite level recruitment mandates as well?

Yes we provide executive search and recruitment solutions for all levels and have an exclusive team which manages senior management and senior executive mandates. We maintain absolute confidentiality and our approach is based on headhunting selective candidates based on client requirements. Please get in touch with us with your requirements and our team will send you the specific details.